Thursday, March 23, 2006

In Need Of An Idol

I seriously wonder what good Indian Idol is. I thought it was about having a complete stage-performing superstar. But in the course of its 2 seasons, it has completely degenerated into...well, crap. So atleast its biodegradable. Anyway, it doesnt make sense to me the parameters on which the idol-wannabes are judged. They can sing some of them, but not one of them is capable of doing anything more.

They come for their performances all decked up in all kinds of fancy dress, acting like they're going to set the stage on fire, like they've been doing this all their lives. Then, they start singing. And thats about all they do. They stand their stock-still and clutching the mic with both hands tightly, just sing. I haven't seen a single one who could do anything else besides really really good Statue of Liberty imitations.

The first season produced Abhijeet Sawant, chosen for what they termed his 'golden smile'...and he could sing a bit too. Except that now he looks like he's spent a year in the jungle with nothing but his shaving kit and a 100kg pack of Colgate Extra-White. And he hasnt really sung anything I've heard either.

This time on, the only idol-material contestant was Amey Date. He could sing pretty well, as well as prance around on stage at the same time. He didn't get votes unfortunately. So he had to go, in what was probably the most exaggerated exit of any person on any show on any tv channel!

That leaves three guys, just like last season. Except that I think this bunch is just as incapable of anything as the three guys in the 1st batch. Everyone seems to have one singular method/formula to capture votes -- look like a sweet next-door guy, smile at everything thats said, and blush like crazy. They keep chirping about how they've learnt so much and how grateful they are to the judges, to the audience, to the this, to the that...yawn! Each one says the same thing.

I dont care which one of them becomes Indian Idol. He's only going to be like a puppet in Sony TV hands until the one year contract runs out. A little bit of publicity about the small-town kid who is now dressed in suits and uses imported makeup. After that, you're going to see him running from city to city bawling in Dandiya nights or doing devotional gigs on Aastha Channel.

Wat say??


kyra said...

hey, karunya's pretty good too and the comments of the judges have nothing to do with my opnion. besides, how can he help it if he looks the boy-next-door type?

lets kick sum ass said...

hmmm i soo agree...indian idol sux. yet ppl bothered takin part in it,watchin it, u bothered writin on it n am actually commentin on that... reeely bunch o intelli ppl :P i mean sure i checked it out wen it 1st started ... actually evn voted fr amit 'overexcited' sana wen evry1 else seemed bent on makin that pompous rahul watver win :P nehow neither did n who did is ahem not quite worth talkin abt. newaz i dont think he'll end up singin at all leave alone devotional songs on aastha... am sure he'll get loadsa dumb ads to work in i can imagine sumthin like - " vicks ki goli khao mere tarah (bakwaas) gao " :P n as far as the 2nd 1s concerned i dint bother wid it surprises the nice ppl got kicked out though.. he mustnt hav maroed enuf senti stuff :P guess the entire thingy got boring n cliched .. not that ive evr had d same complaints abt american idol.. but seriously even though its like a total rip off ther aint no comparison. one cant reely blame these ppl, they just hav an uncanny ability to turn success stories in2 long drawn out pathetically boring stuff. take the infamous jassi 4 instance, if only the makers had ended where the successful original series did...ppl wudnt havta wince evrytime the word's mentioned. n cum to think of it .. wud sum kind soul plzzz xplain the concept of 'seasons' to miss ekta 'no other job in life' kapoor ??? her writers n actors wudnt havta jump 2 decades n most importantly ppl wud get a brk man !!

ps: hey meanie this more than makes up fr d luv letter eh ;)