Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Things I Grew Up On

Now I only remember ... MOJO JOJO!

God knows how many times I've seen this movie...

"They're dancing in the aisles in Sharjah!"

The peak of my cricket-fan fervor. I think Indians were meant to stay underdogs forever. I cannot support a dominant Indian cricket team.

Power Extreme Treme Treme! Also include minor fascination for Crystal Kane.

Fall over laughing and perish, die, cease to draw breath. The absolute funniest episode I ever saw.

Classic cartooning days. Boomerang on Cartoon Network.

Some images cannot be shaken from the mind of a young and innocent child, even after 15 or so years. Kindly note how they 'do it in the road'.

I'm yet to meet anyone of my generation who grew up not watching this. In the Hindi dubbed version.

The absolute pinnacle of underdog greatness.


Princess Stefania said...

The exception being self- I watched Small Wonder in English. :P

Sumit said...

Watch Mojo jojo in hindi...
"main hoon Mowww Jowww Jo Jo! Kyunki mera naam hai Moww Joww Jo Jo!"

Sumit said...

Watch Mojo jojo in hindi...
"main hoon Mowww Jowww Jo Jo! Kyunki mera naam hai Moww Joww Jo Jo!"

Confused n Baffled said...

@stefania: so you see, as i've pointed out time and again, it isn't your fault. not at all. there is something very wrong about the circumstances in which you grew up!

@sumit: don't even get me started on swat kats aka bahadur bille!

Princess Stefania said...

Someday, Lady Luck is going to run out on you and leave you to face the wrath of millions alone and unaided.
If you plead hard enough, one might let you off the Torture Chamber; but don't bank on that mercy. Royalty has a reputation for senseless beheadings.

Confused n Baffled said...

That's true.

Marie Antoinette comes to mind.

Princess Stefania said...

That delightful creature?
Being as well informed of the French monarchs as you are, you would know, of course, that she said no such thing. She also did no such thing, just as she wanted no such thing.

But then, the impressionable young man that you are must be expected to believe every half baked rumour handed down over the years. It's what slapdash historians/newspaper reporters count upon.
Ah well. Don't let my strictures drag you away from your Daily Tabloid- or whatever it is you have taken up for fine reading.

Princess Stefania said...


Confused n Baffled said...

So, what you're really saying is that even utterly innocent royalty can lose their heads?

Interesting. Wickedly. :)

Princess Stefania said...

Fortunately for me, utterly innocent I'm not. So put that axe down, knave.

Confused n Baffled said...

I see a mouse scurrying for cover, first this way then that. Desperate, clawing, perspiring in it's own adrenaline - fighting to stay alive.

In the meanwhile,it threatens. Actually threatens.

The bane of royalty shall always remain its inability to understand when to grovel and when to command.

*axe thump. head roll*

Princess Stefania said...


You. Me. Gtalk. Now.

(occasionally, one stoops to plagiarism. But it doesn't count, if we pick on insignificant bloggers, does it?)

samyrocker said...

whoaaaaaa...!!>..im fifteen(not of ur generation for sure)...but i used to watch powerpuff girlz, stick the stickers all over my almirah, watch small wonders soooo religiously...and after so many years...i fell "whoa" agai..u got rid of these thingz..but i think i ll go back!...i m gonna check out for the episodes on youtube now..!!