Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Life, My Terms

The world is a blur around you. Sights and sounds, buildings and neon, pedestrians and beggars, garbage and billboards. People zoom past, looking hazy around the edges, as you perform the daily tasks of living. As you perform the daily tasks you call living. In earnest enthusiasm, we jump the bandwagon, grab this life by its horns and make our place in a ruthless, backstabbing world to build our own bungalows and achieve our success and EMIs.

We begin to lose focus. You stop noticing things, when there's just so much to see all around. The mass media entertainment package of the world blinds your eyes and covers your ears. Skinny girls who want to sing like Mariah Carey and dress like nothing stare vacantly out of magazine covers. Deodorants and suits promise to bring you loves and passion and endless sex appeal. Facebook and iTouch, children and divorces, promotions and sales pitches – your life is more comical now than a board-game.

Stop. Look.
Think. Change.
Begin. Today.

Live. Breathe.
Don’t stop. Today.

Today, make your life a little bit different.

Go out in old clothes. Write a poem. Talk back to your boss. Demand your rights. Shout on the streets. Sing aloud. Smile at a stranger. Buy a lottery ticket. Just to see what you get!

Hold your life in your hands. Be strong. Be proud.

Punch a baby.

Today, surprise God. If he really is watching.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, my life , my terms . Don't fold to the pressure. Do as you please, today, don't let others tell you what you're doing wrong.

Atleast, don't believe it , unless you think so yourself.

Anonymous said...

Punch a baby. :O

Anonymous said...

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