Sunday, December 06, 2009

He Does Strange Things After Hours

"Hey, you there! Peon, yes. Come here. Why is that turbaned man dancing in my office??"

"He's very happy, sir. He has got a rocket."

"Rocket? WHERE??"

"In his pocket, sir. He's got a rocket in his pocket."


kavitha said...

ROFL... I have been watching this song on B4U like for ever...the music still lingers on my mind like crazy but I have to say, that guy looks good..

pocket mein rocket hai pocket mein
o ye!

Confused n Baffled said...

it does linger doesnt it? :)

we shall not discuss the looks of the guy, though you are free to assume what you will about him.

he looks asleep all the time! look at his eyes!!

'nuff said.