Thursday, April 01, 2010

Like A Baby

Again I watch you sleep tonight
Peace, joy and calm - they become you
They are you, a part indelible
In your curled toes and your curled smile.

You are my love, tonight I say
Only for you cannot hear me
I speak to your eyes closed
The morning could change everything.

The way the sheets fold
Desperate to please, to shield
To mould, to your form
Soft, silken, as your touch is.

Your head rests, light
On the pillow of downy flakes
As if afraid to sink in,
Surrender, disappear.

Such is too my love, fearful even now
To touch you, lest you wake
To move even, lest I change this
I could not change this, not this moment.

I'll lie beside you then,
If only a while longer
Gaze into eyes, behind closed eyelids
And breathe, in time, with you.

But now a new wind blows in
Through the opened window, and
Before it disturbs, or changes, or hurts,
I'll leave again, as I came.

Till another time then,
Another night.


Anonymous said...

But now a new note I'm tagged in,
In an opened tab and before
it vilifies, hurts or slanders more
I'll eat a chocolate and say 'la' .

ashwita said...

absolutely amazing! touches the chord...kudos!