Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Slayer and Friends

I've been attending several weddings recently. Suddenly there seems to be an outbreak of wedding fever such that nearly everyone of even slightly marriageable age in my neighbourhood is jumping off the dock. If an arranged marriage can be called "jumping off the dock" of course. There are a couple of girls who are only midway through college. They are going to drop out now, in order to serve their new families with the utmost devotion and half-literacy they have to offer. Another one, hold your breath, has only just finished school!

Anyway, whatever their families decide for them is their matter, not mine. If they want to chuck away the education that thousands of homeless young girls yearn for and have Arundhati Roy campaign for, its upto them. Some girls want to be Kalpana Chawla, others watch Ekta Kapoor serials. Fine.

The point is, a wedding is an interesting place to be these days. Lots of stuff happening all the time and I've only just begun to notice it for some reason. The one I want to talk about right now is the kids that attend weddings. They've changed. I'm going to dedicate this post to just the amazing little tykes I've seen of recent at weddings.

I cant really remember what kind of kid I was back when I used to run around in carefree abandon at weddings of people I didnt know, but I was fascinated by a group of kids I happened to see at work at a recent marriage. They were I think 7 in all, all guys. Not more than seven or eight years old. I was just standing in a corner with a drink (soft) in my hands since I didnt know anyone at this place, and these cute little infernal brats were making merry near me.

They started off with playing the well-known game of Musical Chairs. The chairs were whisked from nearby and music is sort of always playing at weddings. There were 7 of them, and they'd brought 10 chairs. Hmmm...Somehow the game went on alright, despite the extra number of chairs. But these days, kids arent really disciplined. One of them in an orange shirt, whom I'm sure is going after Mike Tyson, wasnt going to be stopped by any silly rules of the game. He kept jumping into the game even after having lost. And when he was forcibly pushed out by the dude (aged 7 and a 1/2) organizing the whole activity for the 3rd time, he showed his Tysonisque colours. No he didnt bite him, but he punched like nobody's business. The poor guy went off crying for mommy. His exact words were - "(sob) (sob) Muuuhhhuuuummmyyyyyyyyyy", I believe. Orange-shirt took his place again in the game.

Another chap (aged what looked to be 4), who will be a politician of some repute, would not yield the chair once he had sat on it. The object of the game is to run around in circles and snap at the chair again when the song and dance is over, right? Just like elections? But he wouldnt budge. The others tried to make him see reason but he wouldnt understand. So they toppled him off the chair. Once again I say, like elections, right? This started off a turf war sort of thing. Orange-shirt came to the rescue and started flinging fists left and right. I like to think of him as Slayer. Slayer went through the entire group in rapid succession, his fists striking everywhere equally without discrimination. What began as a poorly set up party-game, degenerated into a melee of fists and shoves. Parents had to intervene and untangle everyone from each other.

I also ran into several other species of kid. I'm going to go into rewind mode to compare again now. Back in my days of carefree joy and youthful exuberance, I dont recall being dressed up in atrocious costumes for weddings. I have always been quietly dressed, since I can remember. The strong, silent type making a powerful impact nonetheless. You know. But I see around me little boys who cant even count upto 57, running around with beaded necklaces hanging from their necks. Not hanging actually, because they seem to be more choking than that. There are little girls wearing outright ghagharas and stuff, with sets of bangles and jewelry and armed to the teeth with makeup. These girls are also supposed to dance in the sangeet parties that precede the wedding. Sweet, innocent girls with childlike innocent joy in their faces dance to the rhythm of sweet and innocent tracks as Ishq Kameena and other such soulful item numbers.

I came across the earlier group I was hanging with at dinner time. Of course, after all the games and tantrums and boxing matches these sweet, angelic, annoying, irritating little pokemons would get hungry. They descended on the food with inspirational enthusiasm and vigour. I think they upset approximately 7.6 platters off waiters' hands. I use the .6 because one of the waiters did this incredible gymnastic manoeuvre to just catch the dish before it graced the head of Slayer. Completely baffled Slayer for a moment he did. Slayer pushed him hard in annoyance of course. Not many went by that day whose lives (and/or ribs) hadnt been touched by the little monster.

I had an interesting time, like I said, playing observer to these kids. They brought back memories of the times when I used to frolic without thought of punishments and recrimination. When we were children, we spake like children, bandied nonsense like children and kicked waiters like children. But when we grew up, we gave up childish things.


Rags raves said...

Ahhhhhhhhh my dear friend, those were, indeed, the days of,as u say, carefree abandon.But,for a couple of minutes,let us take a detour n reflect on what type of days these present ones are. Talk about carefree abandon then, we dont seem any the worse at present...rather we have found out better, more alluring and enduring ways of fun-some of them adult too-and there can be no doubt as to our enjoyment of these varied methods of time wastage.I mean cmon, if it werent for carefree abandon, why would you be writing non-impacting blogs on nonsensical n unimportant issues and why would I like a prize idiot be sitting here writing equally nonsensical comments....when we should be studying for our entrances...Carefree or WHAT????..
Nonetheless....since i have undertaken to waste my time anyway, i shall not disappoint you or any other lazy, unemployed pest who chances upon this trash.
You mentioned in your posting the modus operandi of a gang of satanic devils who though young in years live upto the hallowed reputation of-that-which-possesses-them. I have no choice but to agree with you on every aspect of your composition. WE were certainly not such mini-terrorists causing trauma to others and strife to our parents. I have myself been a spectator on many occasions and have great sympathy with a fellow sufferer. I have even been victimised on one occasion but will not publish those painful details for fear of causing horror. Nonetheless it is painful to see(and bear) what violence in television and movies has brought children to. Whether they are pokemons or digimons or some such -mons the rivalary generally spills beyond toys and gets physical just for the ruddy heck of it. Kids half the age of the new nokia phones fight it out like seasoned gladiators and indeed it would be foolish in the extreme to mess with these little horrors as one of my experience would advise you. Its a fight to the finish, no-holds-barred, savage,barbaric,bloody and ghastly.
sounds like the wars of the old world but when you realise that those fighting then were just as undeveloped in the methods of fighting and battled with crude yet effective base weapons, you will find that the streak live on but seems to skip generations although even ours had a fair share of barbarians(Dadoo and Tikamanny deserve special mention, the former for being base and unsophisticated and because I dont like him at all and the latter for being plain barbaric and because i like him even less).......
However there must needs be an interlude to this interesting monologue for much though our carefree abandon may lead us astray, our parents have other i shall complete this later for my mother is looking at me with as much affection as she might reserve for a partcularly foul looking spider....So long then......

kyra said...

dont feel like writing an absurdly long or good comment. god, im surprised by my own laziness.*
i dont remember changing much...i was always a quiet kid, hating any sorta ruckus...jeez how horrible. anyway, as much as i hate to do this, i have to admit you're an awesome blogger :D

Confused & Baffled said...

rags: ok buddy, uv written an entire blogpost urself in response to mine. but i really appreciate it nonetheless. i agree with you on everything you say about these "satanic devils".

kyra: *grins and bows* thank you.

kyra said... i detect arrogance?
*narrows eyes,wonders whether to take back compliment or not*
where've you been? not another wedding, i hope?
or are you out leading some campaign against the whole droppin-outta-college-and-getting-married thing?

dukethegr8 said...

wow! this is reali well written..i liked it..espacially the bus n the examination part of it.was..lovly..
so..u baisicaly hate the shrillness
of a girl..the stupid talks n the wordly fights..hello!all these dosent mean that u guyz r perfect..
n by the way..not every1 is of the same type..that u hav expressed..
n "border"article was borin coz i dun remember the scenes so well...
by the astha..in10th n u isc 1st board.."pata nahi mera kya hoga icse mein.."

zlata said...

How come i never get to see any entertaining kids at the boring weddings i have to attend? they all just either just roam around with their aayas or stay at home.

nabarun said...
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nabarun said...

nishant seriously ....dont tell me were 'obseving kids' in a wedding!!!!!! observe your own kids after ur marriage.....yaar weddings are filled with gorgeous chicks dressed up beautifully,trying look better than the others..... and you were 'observing kids'. hey i am new to this blogging n u r already scaring me!!!:(