Saturday, September 08, 2007

Final Part of LOTR Trilogy (3,6,2,3,4)

Not dillydallying much, but coming straight to the point, I must say I must confess.

I must confess. I'm actually a little nervous about writing in here again. Its been so long. A month without a post! Its not like I stayed away. They made me. Imagine taking away a young impressionable child's internet facilities! I feel slightly scarred. Anyway that later. There is so much to talk of. The events of a month's worth of 2nd year college. The perambulations about town. The indulgence in criminal pursuits of ragging and and that most fantastic game called freshie-catch. The important and horribly significant people in my life - my laundryguy, my room-cleaner and the autodrivers who rush me about. For existence, dear friends, has become a hurried affair of late. We must fly, on the wings of time, which forever threatens to leave us behind. Time has run short, the hours are slinkier, and days pass by without so much as a second glance to see if we needed anything. We are become a busy people.

Such is the situation today as well. Which is why I cant, most unfortunately, stay to dillydally. But I have put in a few words today. And I feel the writing bug bite gently into my leg again. Or is that another damned mosquito? Either way, I have tasted ink again. Wait a bit longer, I urge you. Posting shall resume in the most awe-inspiring and dam-breaking-and-water-rushing-out-like-madness manner.



ami said...

You're back you're back you're back you're back !!!!!!!!!! BACK !!!!!!!! *claps hands together in hard-to-contain glee* Yayee !!!!!!!!! *drrrrrrruuummm roll !!!!!!!!*

kyra said...


yeah, i dont say much these days.