Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who Cut Pig's Wings?

Look, maybe its just me. But titles and names do matter. A person can be intimidating and powerful enough, but a silly little name would just completely wipe the smirk off his face. Which is why I think its unfair. Its unfair to label anything anything. Or anyone anyone. You get stuck with something once, and then it doesnt leave you. And you cant get out of that mental image anymore.

Its like a ball and chain tied to your ankles. You might want to fly and soar in the sky, but you cant. You've been tagged. Alas! This would be one such case. Its insane. Its just too unfair. And I feel very deeply for swine all over the world who suffer such.

What gives us this right? Of all the names in the world, which could have run through all the imaginations of all the zoologists and whatnots who are in charge of such things around the world, we go and pick this. Piglet.

Why? Why do such a thing? Don't you see what you've done? The entire social set up for your average pig has been sent crying home to its mommy. Labelled thus with a hilariously ridiculous name, what do you think is the effect on the emotional growth of the young baby piglet? How does it find friends in other species? How does it interact, explore the world, make foreign friends with the calf, or take a chick out to dinner? Try it yourself. Just say the word aloud to yourself. Go on. Can't help giggling a bit can you? No. Deep inside your head, somewhere, the fun and humor section feels a jolt, yes? See.

How, how, I ask, how will your regular pig ever be treated normally? What kind of life could it lead in an animal kingdom where the other young are gifted fearless and intimidating titles like the 'cub', fun and laidback ones like 'joey' or aww-cho-chweet names like 'calf' and 'fawn'? How does a piglet compete in such an environment? How does it hold even a serious discussion about world politics or the environment with somebody, when in the back of their minds they're thinking just the same horrible, discriminative thoughts over and over - He's a piglet. Tee hee hee. Giggle giggle. Pig. Let. Piglet! He he. Oh so sorry, whats that you were saying? I was thinking of some...thing...else. You know, just drifted. Anyway, you go and play in the mud there ok? I'm going to go in that corner there and silently laugh my ass off for a bit. Ok? So sweet. Go, little one, go now. Go go. Go. Ye-e-es. Good boy. Goo-oo-ood boy. Hmph. Piglet!

Its really not done. We should be ashamed for the misery we inflict on the dirty, little swines. Which they wouldnt have been now, had someone taken their ancestors seriously once in a while.


tusharika said...

Oh, I totally agree. And its not just u.titles and names definately matter

Confused & Baffled said...

its not just me? really? finally, people, there is something in which it really is not just me.

wow. i was getting worried about myself for a while there.

from the bottom of my suddenly warm and gladdened heart, i thank you.

kyra said...

read Lord of the Flies

Miracle Drug said...


funny. though im left wondering what inspired it..