Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Talk It Out

Have we drifted apart?

Like those cool curves. Points may drift away from each other, from the axis. But there's the equation, baby. We gotta meet. We gotta relate. On to infinity.

Yes, to infinity. I like that.


Surjodeb said...

i really liked it dude!

...sounded like sheer poetry.

had the language not been a barrier, (the quality of the language to be specific,) u would hav surely been in the running 4 a booker or a pulitzer....

ps - havin both maths & english as 2 favourites rather close to my heart i might be personally biased as u hav done a really amazing job of weaving the 2 together.

pps- it actually made me rather proud to see another guy from Cal in Manipal write such great stuff.

kudos. :)

ami said...

WHAT? Why are people feeding you such nonsense?!? You're already enough for yourself! :P And I like the tone. I like the tone very much :)