Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Middle-Class Citizen Charming

Remember how I said I'd sweep you off your feet long ago?

Yes, something that you still haven't managed by the way...

Oh, but I have. There are different ways. Ask me how. Come on...

Ha. No thanks.

Glad, as always, that you ask. I could have carried you away in a shiny red car, sweep you off your feet. But I'd need a car, I'd need the speed, I'd need razzle and I'd need some serious dazzle. So. I pull the carpet from below. I take the ground you stand upon so. And take you to another place.


Surjodeb said...

dude, u r really good at this.if u r in mit, why don't u try out 4 the ed board?

ps- which school wer u there in back in cal?

Confused & Baffled said...

@surjo: well thanks. i did try out for ed board. im in the ed board. though qualification has little to do with writing ability. anyway, check out the magazine this year. it'll be a blast.

ps - i was in lmb. you?

Surjodeb said...

james' yaar.
that sort of makes us arch rivals, doesn't it? :)
...ah, what the hell, it's been too long since i left school.

ps- gr8 to hear u r on the board dude. vishal must be really really lucky to hav u around ;)

pps- how come we never met b4 this?

best of luck with the magazine dude... r u guys still goin with 'esp......' , or is it that weird hindi name now?