Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Ode On The Loss Of A Beloved Friend

We learn, as the elders say, with age. For with age comes wisdom, is it not?

Age brings journeys to completion. Age brings years and years of simple, everyday being.

Years bring experiences. Experiences we never thought we would have. Experiences whose effect on us is something we can never know, until they occur.

So, we must continue to breathe. To breathe is to continue to live. To live is to continue to experience. Every day has the potential to bring something new, something unforeseen.

Something new can be a moment of sheer joy and celebration. Something unforeseen, which happens more often, can be news of sadness and of disaster.

You see, we learn, as everyone says, from defeat more often than from victory. Sadness and loss forces us to think, makes us ponder. Victory, joy and happiness only call for mindless celebration.

Experience has taught me as well. I know loss now. Utterly helpless, I have lost all that was precious to enemies I didn't know existed.

But then that, I'm guessing, is life.

[If you have, like myself, also lost a laptop to a crashed hard-disk at some point in your life, drop in words of solace on the comment forum provided. A support group is on the cards. Condolences, in cash and kind, are encouraged.]


sporadicblogger said...

My condolensces! I feel your pain!! Lol. But yeah, seriously, I do. Just got one myself, and I know I will WAIL if it crashes. Which one do you have?

Confused & Baffled said...

old friend! you return once more.

may you never have to bear the same loss.

mine is oldie. ibm thinkpad r60. i sent it to the icu. going to collect now. they say i can take it home now.