Saturday, August 09, 2008

Three Fat Ladies All In A Row

I still write the date on the top left corner of my notebooks, every day in class. Which is why I noticed yesterday was 8/8/8.

Minute (and not to mention extremely suspect) as the joy might seem, it was quite cool to me.

I can't wait for 9th September next year!

I like number plates that add up to square numbers. And I subconsciously add up the numbers in every car that passes by me. I feel let down if it sums up to a prime number at the end.

Does anyone else do such things?


tanul thakur said...

lol..Bang on! I usually add the numbers on the number plate and divide it by four and assume it to be a Run Rate in an imaginary Cricket math.!

Anonymous said...

and your birthday in 2011 ? :)

Confused & Baffled said...

@tanul: tsk. that would mean you divide it by 6. a typo, i understand. "mathes", or their memories, can cause such excitement.

@anon: my birthday in 2011 will be 11/09/11. hmm. also quite interesting i suppose. though not as much na.

Saloni Munot said...

hey even i do that...
i always add up numbers wherever i see them to check if they total upto 9 or not!
and of course i add up numbers on the number plates!