Friday, September 05, 2008

Just To See What We Get

What does this button do, I wonder?

Even as he began to press down upon the big, red button, the process started within him. As his finger pressed down further, he felt the expansion in his mind.

It was like a release. So many knots unloosened somewhere inside, so many twisted threads straightened once more. He stretched out in this expansion, this gaseous occupation of his soul in a bigger and easier plane of existence.

He drifted and he drifted. It pained at times. Oh yes, it did. Sharp prick-points of hurt and tears came through layers and layers of tough skin, and pinched and poked on cuts that had surely only just appeared.

But he was drifting away now, and he couldn't care much. He pressed down upon the button. Even further. Till it was completely depressed under his finger.

He was in the sky now, free of a dragging earth. So free, so disconnected. So utterly independent.

The molecules had broken loose. They moved themselves. Everything felt a lot lighter than it ever had. How little things do things really matter?

Which was entirely true. For the bonds had been broken, and the molecules released. What is, after all, a molecule? Nothing but a small portion of a whole, which by its infinity comprises the whole? And what is the whole without these molecules? Would he find out now? A new world, yes?

Sensation was lost now. Reason departed.

Before his very eyes, under the feel of his skin, he knew it, the bonds had broken. There was no more skin. What had happened of his eyes? And the last spark of coherence in his mind whispered this before leaving - You fool, like all others before you! How will you stand now?

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