Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Where's My Seat?

Is it panic? Is it the start of that life of "quiet desperation"?

Is it a sudden crash back to ground level?

The change in your expression in a flash of a second, as you realize everyone else has a plan already.

Do you choke? Or do you blink and take a step back? Maybe turn away so they don't see, or laugh along so they don't see?

What do you do when you find out their plans have no space for you? No room in the attic, no place in the back, no king-sized throne. No extra ticket.

Maybe you shouldn't have taken it for granted that you were 'in'.

See, everyone has their own plan. Even if they say they don't. And in that one flash of a moment, the image strikes you of deceit and rat-like scheming, of men huddled and conniving in the middle of the night, sharp pointy teeth and hands rubbing in glee, while you slept peacefully and unsuspectingly. They could have called.

But no. That's useless talk.

The point is, where will you go?


ami said...

"...no king-sized throne...."

random thought, triggered by random sequence of words. you must must, must read Hitler's Canary. Sandy Toksvig.

Confused & Baffled said...

and you must, must begin to write again.

just reading, just reading, is for lesser mortals.

its sad when some are content with that.