Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I shall finally, also, give in to The Tag.

1. I stare into space a lot. I'm not thinking of anything. I'm not listening to you. I'm not wondering about anything. And I'm definitely not sad! I'm blank. I like how my head can suspend things like that.

2. My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe. Apparently that means I'm going to be raped by angry monkeys, according to tradition and folklore.

3. I count each and every number plate I see. I do this to fill up useless time spent on buses and in cars. The downside is that I get slightly upset if the sum isn't finally divisible by the number of numbers.

4. I do division and multiplication in my head all the time, intentionally subconsciously. I do this to superpower my subconscious mind and become a genius. Then I can take over the world.

5. Whenever I make a To-Do List, I add Carmen Electra at the end of it.

6. I memorize poems and quotes. Romanticism can never be topped.

7. I am cynical about the things I really don't mind being proven wrong about. I don't believe in anything that can't stand up to critical reasoning and analyses.

8. I secretly watch corny movies. My favourite is Love Actually.

9. My favourite show in school days was Ally McBeal. It made me want to be a lawyer, as did Boston Legal much later. Scrubs made me want to be a doctor.

10. I want to make a difference to other people.

11. I want to learn Parkour.

12. I want to climb a mountain and sit there alone.

13. I want to be with people I can be totally comfortable with.

14. When I'm totally comfortable, I don't talk.

15. On a multi-tiled floor, I can only walk on any one color. Or otherwise colors of similar shade. I CANNOT step across a tile. If I do, it must be halfway in and halfway out. Then repeat on the next tile. After that, go back to regular walking.

16. I have to balance my touches. If my left shoe scrapes the ground when I walk, the right show must scrape in the exact same place. If my right thumb hits the desk a certain way, I have to do it with my left thumb too. It freaks me out otherwise. I think the best way to torture me, tied up, would be to touch a piece of wood or a glass to my toe. And then move it away slightly. I would kill myself trying to balance it.

17. There are some people I cannot let go of. Its sad because they're the ones who have already left me.

18. The only magazine I would pay money for is Top Gear.

19. Led Zeppelin - The Hammer of the Gods. I will have a room in my house. With wall sized posters, original LPs and memorabilia.

20. When I die, I want to do it on my terms. I want to jump off an airplane into the ocean, or off the top of a cliff into a deep ravine. Don't come looking for my body.

21. I mouth the Joker's dialogues to myself randomly.

22. I want to play Stairway to Heaven one day.

23. I want to I will write a book one day. This is the only goal in my life which has been a constant. I will die a sad man if I don't do this. I also want to make a movie.

24. I punched someone once, with real and complete hatred.

25. I have left behind bits and pieces of innocence with everyone I have known and do not know anymore. I am all dastardliness and meticulously thought out planning now.

I tag everyone. Everyone, I say!


Princess Stefania said...

There are some people I cannot let go of. Its sad because they're the ones who have already left me.

And the world rotates on its axis. It has no business doing so, but the world doesn't really do what it's supposed to, does it? End, that is.

Iti said...

Whoa you must be real good at math!

And you WILL write a book and soon. Don't worry.

Great tag and nicely answered :)

Confused n Baffled said...

@princess s: ending would be silly. and quite, well, abrupt.

@iti: thanks! and welcome!

Princess Stefania said...

Hmm. So you prefer long drawn out endings?
With churning skies and roiling seas, fiery dragons and gleeful demons? Bolts of lightning, jolts of thunder, relentless winds and plagues of frogs? :P
It would be more fun that the world popping out of existence like a pricked bubble, true. A lot more fun.

Miracle Drug said...

numbers 2, 14 and 17: i can identify with completely :)

sporadicblogger said...

Did you go for the gig?

Miracle Drug said...

i LOVE love actually