Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes Minister!

Hats off to the Consortium. A peaceful Valentine's Day - no glitches, no involuntary marriages and no out-of-season rakhis. Apparently, pink chaddis have uses no one had thought of before.

[I secretly want to try it in the 26/11 face-off with Pakistan. Who knows? Might work? What say?]

Seeing as how things worked out so well this V-Day, on behalf of men everywhere I would like to put forward a common, humble request. Can the pub-going, looseness and forwardness continue, like, every Saturday?

You know, just in case?

Please? It was all just so beautiful, I mean!

On another note what does one say when the Women & Children Development Minister asks you to pub bharo??

I say, yes minister!

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