Monday, September 21, 2009

Jai Kisaan

Manipal, 21st September: Faced with the consequences of downsizing in the post-recessionist economic scenario, thousands of students have decided to abandon the desperate clammering for IT jobs and resorted to farming on Facebook's popular real-time simulated world, Farmville.

"Instead of spending 6 months training under an IT company, for a job which they may cancel at any time, I prefer the hands-on education and experience I get on Farmville. The very, real feeling of physical labor and toiling on a virtual field is well, very real", says one student.

Farmville's growing popularity is due to the satisfaction of productive employment it provides to users and final year students without the need of getting off their beds in the morning. A tremendous surge of Indian users is attributed to the nation's long history of agriculture and its influence in time-old Bollywood movies and mythological folklore.

BJP leaders hail this as a positive turn of events as more and more youngsters interact with each other across the nation, speaking in terms of cows and cherry trees instead of iPods and evil coffee.


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