Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Doing The Zizou!

[Watch with sound on. Nice background music.]

The French make light of their man's antic. I urge you all to join in the spirit of The Zizou.

Head your boss,
Head your teacher,
Head your friend,
And head your foe.

Head your girl,
Head her boy,
Head the girl who wont let go.

Head the terrorists,
Head the Government,
Head every guy,
Whoever you meet.

Be a man,
Do the Zizou,
Heading takes the world to peace.


Disclaimer: I was drunk on lemonade, and under the influence of bread pakoras. Merci to all my readers.


Hiren said...

Hillarious. Excellent. Some corporate bosses behave like bullies and certainly deserve the Zizou treatment. Some may be ot the view that Zizou belongs to Zee(the) Zoo

manish said...

and I was provoked by my boss's blabber :-)

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