Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Get Knocked Down, But They Prop Me Up Again!

Phata poster*, nikla** hero***!

The ban has been lifted. My blog and I are free. [Well, things look okay from my ISP atleast.]

The Indian Government has released me, once intense scrutiny revealed that the only punching bag on this blog was in the title. And since punching bags do not come strictly under the head of Weapons of Mass Destruction, I dont constitute much of a threat to national security. QED. Practical and smart, thats our government. Doesn't take them too long to wake up.

Aaahh! Feels good to be up and about again.

*As in, the Government finally realized they were making a fool of themselves, so they sort of dropped the blanket ban by themselves. No real posters were torn in this tomfoolery by the Government.

**I was sleeping while it happened. So didnt exactly niklo from anywhere either.



jhantu said...

congrats , not only are you 18, but 18 and free.. now thts something aint it!

Anonymous said...

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