Sunday, July 02, 2006

Why We Dont Need "Superman Returns"

In the movie, Lois Lane, the reporter who needs f to spell catastrophe, writes an article titled "Why The World Does Not Need Superman" and wins the Pulitzer for it. The Pulitzer! For that! Her!

Seriously, I rest my case. I agree with her totally.

I had gone into the movie expecting something phenomenal. But it isnt even worth me taking the effort to write up a full-length post.

A Bollywoodian script, complete with father-son moments (next sequel - Superman & Son), evil villain making a mockery of his name and evilness by cracking jokes and landing up in embarrassing situations, a hero with expressions as profound and emotional as my left foot - the movie stinks.

No one is even around to answer my unanswered questions about the movie. So I raise my hands upto God, look up at my ceiling fan and ask -

How does Superman hear things from Earth from the vacuum of outer space?

How does his elaborate disguise, comprising geeky glasses (one pair), continue to hide his secret identity from the paranoid US media?

Is it necessary for all superheroes to be fashion disasters - Superman wears blue-red combo inside out, Spiderman does pretty much the same, Batman wears black cape and lycra stuff, and Wonderwoman wears hardly anything but that too strange (albeit exciting)?

I wont say anymore. It makes me unwell to speak of it. Watch it for yourself, because no amount of criticism, from anyone, could overcome the curiosity for a Superman movie after all these years. But afterwards, dont tell me I didnt warn you.


Raghav said...

Dude ! You have my Vote on this one.. it was such a dissapointment.. !!! the movie was a major let-down..a lot of people said Krrish was better (in some parts) but i doubt even that !

moi said...

sup?well nice commentry.. ud give bhoglea run fo his money.. yea i do read all your blogs as soon as theyre out.but i never rite a comment y?because we dnt wnt ur ego to take a flight do we?besides tt.. gr8 blog!told u ur gud..n u'l hafta admit t/t im always rit! i knida know wat ur nxt blogs gona b bout.. so happy writin!!
ps i think heyre gona b a lota blogs frm u.. now that ur temporarily.. ahem disabled...!!! happy staring at the ceilin, cursing technology.. watching crapy movies on tv n talnking 2 sumone witha name resembling that of a cookin oil n her fren f course!

your a clever dude, i know u gt my msg.. hehehe