Saturday, March 24, 2007

Snaps From Maiden '07

Not that I want to keep rubbing it in, but I do a bit. Just so you all know what you missed and I did not...

The following are actual pictures taken from the crowd at the Eddfest 07.

Ladies and gentlemen, Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden, ladies and gentlemen.

I've always felt that the quality of snaps decide how you look back at the event itself. So, I'm going to give you only the best, sharpest pixies to watch, drool over, and curse yourself and whatever else with.

After the guitar-wielders, I give you the great man himself. Take a bow now. Be nice. Its....Bruce Dickinson!

I agree the name isnt the announcing kind in a deep whoopdidoo baritone, like Mohd. Ali's was. But still! Bruce!

It was heaven! Heaven heaven!

But you know, it wasnt all fun. We had to endure a lot of pain and obstacles to get to this. Heat, sweat, dust, the long queues. And FTN. But we stuck through. And FTN got what they were asking for.

Does it burn now for some of you? Does it hurt? Do you feel disgusted with yourself? That you missed it? That you chose futile excuses like lack of air-tickets, expensive concert tickets, car accident, chicken pox, examinations and what not to justify it to yourself?

I laugh at you. I point, and I laugh.


*points and laughs*

*keels over laughing in mockery. rolls on the ground and laughs a bit more. then gets up, the dignified young twerp once more.*


tanima said...

i hate u...really

sporadicblogger/Koyel said...

Wish I could get hold of the fanclub pics tho! Seen the auto ones?

Confused & Baffled said...

@tani: lol. i know, i know.

@sporadic: oh yes i did. i have em. they were clicked by a friend of my friend. who lives next door to me in the hostel. my friend that is. hence.

the pix are of such incredible quality isnt it?

kyra said...

omg, dude. get over the concert. sheesh. if i read one more line about maiden, i'm seriously gonna jump off a bridge.

sporadicblogger/Koyel said...

Yes, brilliant quality. But i thought the maiden photographer clicked them...?

MISSquoted** said...

yes. but i went for waters love ;-)