Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Now now. I can explain. Don't turn away like that. Don't say you dont care. I can explain everything. I know you can't do without it, and you hate it if I just vanish so, without saying a word, without leaving a letter. Especially when I left you hanging and yearning for more.

Well, here's the thing. I didnt befoul myself or anything. Nor did I catch a horrible sickness. Except for what I see might well be a slight fit of megalomania. But never mind.

The thing! Its this. I've been busy practising guitar. This chap next door, friend of mine (Whom I shall S henceforth. So may you.), wanted to audition for western vocals at the big hotshot fest coming up here. So he asks me to fiddle around with my fiddle* behind him while he plays. Keep the beat, so to say. Maintain the tune. Play background guitar, in other words. Or, lend him an air of preparedness and sincerity bestowed immediately when you dangle an accompanying guitarist in front of a panel of judges.

Well, anyway. So I said yes. And we'd been practicing a while. Last to last night we performed. At the basketball court, bang in the middle of campus, with a crowd of a 100+ swooning fans. With jittery hands, which later went icy cold, (for this was my 1st time in front of a lot of people) I strummed along.

[Thats S. And me.]

And it was good! Or so I hear! It was awesome, and absolutely unexpectedly brilliant, I also hear! We didnt get selected! *mutters angrily*

Now that doesnt affect me much personally. Point is, I was goood! Or so I hear. I couldnt really hear myself while I played, for some reason. It could have been because of the nerves. Or maybe I entered a higher realm of concentrated consciousness. Perhaps thats what it was.

Dont snigger! And dont you dare cough purposefully, or hide your smirk, or raise your eyebrows.

Since then, time has once again fallen short. And I must run even now. But, oh yes, the Goa stories will come up shortly. No, I haven't forgotten. Yes, I know how eager you are. Aaannnd, yes I know how angrily jealous you are about it. Which is why it most definitely shall come up. With pictures and everything.

Just let me conjure up some free time. Oh, and it was Behind Blue Eyes I played.

* Cheapskate! Cant you not think along those lines? Sheesh, it was just an innocent statement. The 'guitar' was called a fiddle before? Remember? Like in Julius Caesar, Brutus asks his boy to fetch his instrument, and strum it a while to help him sleep? Ohhh...you sick creature, you sniggered at that too didnt ya?


smita said...

well just confirming for all those disbelieving readers,guys he did play well n 'S' was gud 2 (why is he being called S again?)..im still wondering why they didn't get selected!and again m sorry for not having videotaped it!

Dhruv said...

Those accusations are more than unfair.
When I read 'fiddle', a Violin came to mind. The '*' made me think you were going to explain why it was that you called a Guitar a violin, but oh well. Perverted mindsets of the 21st century.