Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Is Tomorrow?

No, no. Not in the deeply profound, theological sense. Listen first.

I was minding my own business, doing this and that, when I noticed this a few days back. And then I was gently reminded of it too, by good friend and ruthless critic.

My ickle blog, my little creation, my first real (albeit not so real, really) punching bag is turning a year old tomorrow. Yup. And I bet you didnt know! Hmph!

Anyway, at this moment of realization, and upon finally finding time to write a post on this epoch-istic frivolous event, I would like to reflect.

In fact, why dont we all? As in, why dont we all take a stroll down memory lane? Checking out the trees, kicking loose stones, crunching down upon grey fallen leaves and generally inhaling the atmosphere, reminiscing on the changed times. As the wind blows across our faces, runs gently through our hair, messing up the tedious comb-work. As the trees sway, letting in bars of gleaming sunlight through dark green foliage. As the squirrels frolic and chase each other like idiots, banging into trees and what not. Pick up a picnic basket, fellow-traveller. Lets walk. Lets talk.

Let us speak of changing ways, changing thoughts, evolving patterns, pillars of great achievement, canvases left unfinished for another day of inspiration, the ideas, the plans, the times. For the times, they are a changing.

*long drawn sigh*

I was a young and innocent child, when I registered with Blogger. With young and innocent views, shocked realizations and disbelieving and wide-eyed observations of the world around me. Hence, I found it apt to label myself Confused & Baffled. It was true at the time. I find it true even now. But less often.

My blog has turned one. I didnt believe, although my delusions of grandeur did, that it would go anywhere when I sat down to come up with my blog title, my url and such like. It would go the same way that all my ambitious endeavours had gone. The initial enthusiasm would fade with time, the joy of regular upgradation would erode with days and weeks of lacklustre notice and a drying pool of comments. And the blog would go dormant. Slowly, it would die.

But it hasnt. A year gone, and its alive and kicking. In fact, its aliver! And it kicks higher a bit! I love my blog, a lot more than I did initially. It truly belongs to me in the true sense, for good or for bad. Its mine own little achievement. Every post a victory, a task completed, giving me endless satisfaction.

I shall leave this post unfinished. There's more to write tomorrow. Its a big day. Is there a surprise planned for me? What you giving me? Tell na! All kinds of gifts, in kind or in cash (I have change, yes) are most acceptable. I accept most major credit cards (provide CVV number neatly written on separate slip, thank you). If all this is beyond you, just send a nice sweetish greeting, ending with "All Hail C&B! The Magnificent One!" and I shall be pleasantly surprised, I promise.


Revealed said...

This is a landmark event in the dreary continuum of our lives. You shall have a gift C&b, you shall, you shall. :D

And you left the post unfinished u for thought n all that

sporadicblogger/Koyel said...

*Sends online candles and cake*
*Prepares to sing happy birthday*

smita said...

happy birthday punching bag!may u continue to entertain our otherwise boring lives! :)

Anonymous said...

All Hail C&B! The Magnificent One!.....NOT :P:P:P:P
happy buday punchin bag...
where is my cake treat...huh huh :P