Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Wonderful World Of Reality In Illusion

Life is an illusion, and how we live and what we do is just utterly pointless. Materialism wraps us in ties stronger than steel. And every new day finds us more deeply in its grip. We try and we try, but we cannot find the meaning to life. Everything is an illusion, and nothing is real.

Or it could be an illusion, and what of it.

Life is for the sake of our 'illusions'. What if that is the meaning of life? To build around you what you can, and what you want, with what you have and what you can make. Some would call it illusion, while I could choose to call that true reality.

Now, what if the truth was supposed to be bare and stark? Empty? Until we designed our meaning for ourselves?


anju christine said...

im so confused over d clash bet 'materialism n practicality' & idealism n morality dat i don wanna comment on this but out of force of habit, here goes..

kyra said...

very profound indeed.
what's wrong with you?

Confused & Baffled said...

@anju: you make it sound like we're settling for lesser. im talking about a new definition.

@kyra: nonsense, girl. i am quite sagely, thank you.

ami said...

Like you said, we always need an evergreen reason for believing. But there are times when you expect too much from others and they let you down. And you can't do much about it except be disappointed. Isn't what you said was 'solid' the same thing as the truth. Which wasn't really as colourful as the illusion but reassuring in it's dependability? I agree that we need to take a lot of risks in order to attain some things. But is everything worth the risk? How do you decide which ones are worth taking the risk and which ones aren't?

Confused & Baffled said...

your illusion should not then depend on anyone else. and if its yours and what you want, then of course it is worth it. what else could be worth the risk?

ami said...

'should not' ? Yes, maybe.