Sunday, November 04, 2007


After a long time, I walked slowly back. I walked slowly back, with a cool night time breeze through my hair and against my face. I dont always notice it these days. How often have I been staying in my room, involved in something or the other? On nights such as these, evenings sometimes prettier and duskier? How many times have I been sleeping in, because I stayed up late the last night, and so I missed a beautiful day's start? Much lost time. So, I walked slowly back.

And I looked up at a clear sky. A pollution-free, clear sky. And pure black, except from near the lamp-posts. The absolute of blackness, peppered with pinpoints of twinkling. Stars form shapes, if you look closely. There is a beautiful symmetry to them. It doesnt take any effort to pick them either. Eyes must be naturally attuned to picking out shapes from randomness. And there are constellations. I always only see Orion. When did I last do that? Just look up, and stare. When did I last look anywhere and just look, and not have to see and observe and conjecture?

It gives me a rush of blood, thinking of all this. And a rush of thoughts. Random and incoherent when together, but integral part to a maelstrom of random thought over all my thinking years.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep ... The woods decay, the woods decay and burn ... Great and grand thoughts of achievement ... I will do all I want to and nothing else ... And never anything less ... I will know what to do ... I will be simple ... Everything will be simple ... And if you feel you cant go on, in the light you will find the road ... Friends in silent company ... Parting ... Walks ... Laughter ... Everything is good ... Abundant freedom and unlimited happiness ... Little things ... Crayons, action figures, homework and Enid Blyton ... Growing up, so eagerly and so impatiently ... What in the world for?

Adulthood is over-rated. For one thing. I vow to remain a child.

Conventional posts are over-rated. For the other thing. So there.

There is no excuse for forgetting how you always wanted to be.


Revealed said...

Though sometimes, how you always wanted to be changes. So maybe it isn't about forgetting as much as just staying in touch. No?

ami said...

I loved this. In a very different way than I have liked your others. There are almost no stars in the Delhi sky. I have to draw them to see them.

kyra said...

Romanticism. :)