Monday, December 24, 2007

Its His Big Day, And Everyone's Invited!

The biggest birthday bash of ever is upon us.

And out we must go.

On an aside, remember how we were talking about X-Mas and everything that other time? Yes, yes, you and I. We were discussing it, and you just so insisted upon buying me an unnecessarily expensive gift and all, with a really sweet card and really sweet sweets and pastries? Yeah! So sweet of you. I don't usually give in to these material bondages and needless ties with the physical world, but I shan't break your heart. It being the Christmas spirit and all. Aww...So rejoice, make merry and shop! For me!

Send in your gifts, cards, and good wishes* as soon as possible! One** lucky winner*** could just win a grand prize****! Yay!

I'm so nice! Again yay!!

*only accepted if accompanied by gifts and cards
**give or take a few
***which could be you
****real or imaginary

1 comment:

Dhruv said...

And yet, you are left standing there empty-handed.. Inspite of ALL those humorous words..

Don't you feel utterly embarrassed and humiliated?