Monday, December 10, 2007

Let It Be Finished Then

Enough's enough. You have crossed me once too often with your sharp words and your acid-tipped tongue wrought in the fires of Mordor. It is time to pay Kyra.

You. Me. Comment box. Now.

Afterword: Bloody, dusty and interrupted by old knitting ladies. Its over now.


Confused & Baffled said...

*watches silently from the shadows as she casually struts in*

oh, kyra! you're so self-obsessed and overconfident. make you pay i will.

*jumps out at lightning speed and dropkicks her*

kyra said...

looks like we have a case of mistaken identity. tsk.

*kyra watches calmly from outside as he falls rather clumsily over some poor soul*

haste makes waste, my dear.

*he looks up to see her towering over him in a rather menacing way*

Confused & Baffled said...

*jumps away like crouching tiger*

you are dead, kyra! yaaaahh!

*rushes in with hatori hanzo in hand, slicing through the air at a 200rpm*

kyra said...

*bewildered by the rather comical (not to mention extremely unsettling) display of er..never-mind-what (she really doesn't know what), she steps back*

*and slyly stretches out her right foot*

kyra said...
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kyra said...

i'm not planning to die, btw.
whatever you do.

i'll come back even with a plastic surgery, whatever you do.

you're not cutting me out.

Confused & Baffled said...

*notices her cumbersomely trying to be quick, and changes his battle-rush to a very manly hop, skip and jump over her foot*

stupid imbecile!

*slashes from behind. a long, diagonal line of blood appears on her back. blood comes out slowly, slowly as she stares in shock and disbelief*

this is but a taste of the pain i have planned for you, evil sorceress-istic girl. prepare to meet a slow, plodding, torturous end!

kyra said...

okay, that was rather unexpected.

also, i didn't think you'd attack me from behind. stupid coward!

*takes a moment to recover, closes her eyes, and when she opens them, they're fiery red. she draws out a thin, golden dagger from her side*

Confused & Baffled said...

*raises eyebrows at the red eyes. involuntarily, old memories run through his sleep...bleary...photoshop them...danger...murder...death...kill...photoshop them*

i will finish you yet, witch.

*snaps out with a start and presses bunch of keys at her from his inflatable keyboard. red eye effect is completely removed. adobe rocks*

now for the dagger. hand it over, you caffeinated giantess you. hand it over, and i'll make it a painless death.

*suddenly throws a set of sharp pointy-teethed boomerangs at her*

kyra said...

old trick, old trick.

*she yawns, steps aside neatly while the pathetic boomerangs hit the wall and fly his direction*

*he screams, and ducks. unfortunately (for him) one of them pierces his shoulder. a thin spray of ruby blood splatters the wall*

*he whimpers like a kitten, while she laughs softly*

"any last wishes, love?" she whispers, running a long cold finger down his face.

Confused & Baffled said...

*looks her in the eye and thinks how cool it would be to spit in her face*

*but spitting was never his forte*

*her words, softly spoken, and her long cold fingers send a shiver down his spine. memories are revisited and days of peace and love came surging back. he quells them*

you think to have me so easily, you monster?

*kicks her away before she realizes what happened. she crashes and dents a good wall*

*gets up and dusts his cloak. picks up the sword*

not so easy, kyra. not so easy.

kyra said...

*she gets up, physically weakened, but not in spirit*

i knew it wouldn't be easy.

*she flicks off dust delicately from her mantle*

you see, i don't fight jellyfishes.

but you should've known by now...


*fingering her dagger with the same cold finger*


*looks at her watch*

oops, sorry. you've wasted quite a considerable amount of time. that means, no last wishes.
so sorry again.

what was i saying?
oh yeah.
i'm invincible.

you can never win.

*throws the dagger with lightning precision*

*he watches it slicing through the air. he knows that the end is near. chicken that he is, he closes his eyes*

*she waits till the dagger sinks into his heart*

*the blood makes a beautiful heart-shaped stain on his cloak


*her eyes filled with tears*

*sheloved happy endings*

Anju Christine said...

*yawns* okay... blah! couldn't ul just msg????

Confused & Baffled said...

*shrieks in obvious pain as she dances about him in glee and rapture*

*suddenly he whips out his trusted rampuri chaaku and stabs her*

you wonder how? you say to yourself what the fuck? some people get smarter with the times, woman. some people pick up fresh ideas. some people understand the benefits of keeping one's heart locked in a chest, on a desert island.

and this? it hurts, yes. but its a flesh wound. savlon will take care. as for you. you die today!

or not..wait a minute. who is this that intrudes so, in our feverish battle moment? what say, kyra? differences aside for a moment?

*tosses her another rampuri chaaku and stabs his right into the offending anju*

die, worm!

kyra said...


nah. messaging costs.

Anju Christine said...

children! time for homework now... run along, enough of fantasy-land kung-fu

Anju Christine said...

okay im off... u two ve fun... oh! n next sem my psycho assignment topic: effects of televised violence on kids. N case study? look no further...

Confused & Baffled said...

speak you all confused and senselessly? surely you are mentally afflicted.

there is no more room for weakness in this world.

it is time for the end.

*ends her. in just that sexy sounding way*

kyra said...
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kyra said...


*taps him on the shoulder*

sorry, i happen to alive. still.

this is what happens when you dont listen to people. tsk.

i repeat-
love *in her sinister way*

and it seems as if you've tried your best to be me.

but not to worry. before you know it, i shall find that heart of yours. even if it is hidden in the halls of Dis.

and then...

*she gives him one of her rare beatific smiles*

and then, love.

*she slips into the velvety darkness and disappears*

*he remains motionless for a while, staring into the night that carried her away.

and then slowly bends down to pick up the thin, golden dagger she left behind*

Confused & Baffled said...

*fade to black*

ami said...
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ami said...



ami said...

it'd make a rather splendid book. what were you saying kyra? about writer's block? ha.

as for you Nishant, slow smile is that you dazed??? :)

Anju Christine said...

was expecting somethin like this...hehe

-ur dear kntting grani