Friday, February 23, 2007

And I Say, "Its Alright"

In moments that sneak up from behind and possess me suddenly, I realize how little I see sometimes. Busy, busy times can make you so ignorant of so many things.

I have the most beautiful sunrise just outside my window. Thats what wakes me up every morning, in tag-team action with our laziness to go and buy some decent curtains. I always wake up exactly 16 seconds before my alarm begins jumping about. But oh, the hurried process for going through morning essentials, grabbing half a paratha of breakfast and getting into class safe and sound!

I miss the wonderfully blue early morning sky all too often. I missed it today too. But then I just noticed these old snaps my roomie took of the sunrise some months back. This was when we still gazed at such things with wonder and with a staunch belief that no one could possibly get used to such a sight. On some rare days, we still notice it. And it touches a chord. It makes me happy to smile at it. Feels like I'm still human after all.

What life is this so full of care? We dont have time to stand and stare. - Thomas Hardy


Revealed said...

Awwww. Takes your breath away doesnt it?

kyra said...

you haven't changed it!!

anju christine said...

i stopped appreciating sunsets long ago...its overdone... like some music... i love d sun yet tho......................... dese posts r diff.. nice....:)

Sporadicblogger said...

Its gorgeous! :) Great view and great post!