Monday, April 02, 2007

A Month To Our Name. Happy April.

Last year, about this time (plus another day back), I'd found myself sick and tired of hearing how smart, intelligent and growingly intellectual the human race had become. And there was so much to keep reminding me too. The 2oth century's marvellous advancements in the fields of literature, art, music, technology and this and that. How greatly mankind has progressed! How smart we are! Yay to us! Lets hold hands and do jigs!

And I got a bit sick and tired of this. Surely the world hadnt run out of fools? Surely there were still foolish dunderheads in sufficiently large quantities to make things easier and to satisfy the unreasonably vehemently demanded rights to mockery held by people of medium to almost really smart but not quite there intellect, such as myself. And you. Yup, you. [Hmm...its interesting how you actually didnt expect me to drag you down in this. Huh? What? Oh? You did no such thing? Whats that? Im unnecessarily, and whats worse, incorrectly, assuming foreknowledge of the psyche of my readers so as to later be able to impress them with my grasp over their minds so that they acknowledge this intellectual superiority of mine and one more person falls down to my rights of mockery and demeaning cynicism, not to mention this fantastic ability to prolong a sentence and make a whole paragraph out of something completely irrelevant to the topic? Hmm...Anyway.]

Coming back to my point, to commemorate last year's All Fools' Day, I went online and found me a most satisfying link. Fortunately, unlike last year, there are now more than 2 active readers to this blog, so the link will not go utterly wasted. And I've decided to add another, a most outrageous another.

Read them. 1 and 2. Laugh lightly, enjoy yourself, share them with friends and/or [if you are smart and conceited enough] use them as original forwards created by yourself, and email 'em around quickly. But also, ponder. Over what do we ponder, wise one - you ask? This, I say *and he points to the right*. Smart? We're as stupid as stupid can be. Both the foolers and the foolees. Err...fools.


Dhruv said...

Speaking of long and endless paragraphs, I did once write a one-page long answer in an Environment Sciences paper in school, in no more than 2 sentences.. Don't remember the feedback from the faculty though..

Jayashree Bhat said...

Wow. Dhruv, why don't we try it out on shenoy?

Jayashree Bhat said...

And Nishant, when was it that you last read my blog?? (gives a threatening look)

Confused & Baffled said...

@dhruv: aaah...did you now? my own attempts during examinations havent been all that great. the feedback tends to be discouraging of the habit, for some reason i do not understand.

@jayashree: try what out?? try what out?? i want to be in!!

oh and, wat blog may i ask? the one that goes off to sleep every now and then, disturbed by nought but a few forced words by ye every now and then to disrupt an otherwise blessed existence of desolation and nothingness?

Jayashree Bhat said...

Hmmm... well, I do deserve that. I'll take some time to return to full time blogging. But this time, it'll be for good. Simply because it's one of my few creations. And like you, I love writing. Not so apparent, yes, but very true.

Dhruv said...

Would try it with Shenoy but he wouldn't be able to figure out the punctuation and extract the wrong meaning..