Sunday, April 08, 2007

When I Find Myself In Times Of Whaat to dooo??

I'd like to think you're bored. Not in general, but because I haven't posted, or posted anything great, in a bit of a while.

But what do I do?, I ask. They keep throwing these sessionals at us, requiring diligent study and what not, if one intends to do as well as one intends. So one studies. And so, one finds oneself unable to post as much.

But provide one must, musn't one? One cannot totally forsake one's people1 in the face of minor obstacles of life, like sessionals.

So this is what one does. One goes and does that what has been plaguing him since early childhood. The question that has made squirm since his early days of infancy, circa the time he began to read papers. What the f*** do those damn clues mean? Not that one used such terminology in one's early years, but surely you understand.

I've had a fun time at it myself, and I think you can enjoy it too. Go to wikipedia and read up on solving cryptic crosswords. Then search a website on google which offers free puzzles for you to do. Then, and here's the tricky part, try to do them. Its fun fun fun! *waves arms about excitedly, as you would know if you've ever met him*

Dont be lazy now. I'll do the groundwork for you too. Here, go read it up. And here, go solve these. And see the little comment box for this post? Put up the bestest ones there. We'll do 'em together.

1 - Notice the Moses complex this time? Something must be done, feels my alter ego. But what?


Jayashree Bhat said...

Dear, you need help. I know the sessonals begin tomorrow.
I think I'll go do a crossword.

anju christine said...

how kind of u! now i shall read it...... btw kyra, learn!!

anju christine said...

u told me to solve crossword?.............. wat?!!! na na, i think i'l go bak to my books for tomos exam n come bak here later... :)

Dhruv said...


Thank you for the links.. Only the other day was I telling myself how conveniently and appropriately I've forgotten the crosswords you were talking about and how I won't be reminded of them ever again....

Dhruv said...


Absolutely no mention of any intentions of attempting as you were asserting but a few moments ago..

liar liar..