Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And...I'm It.

She tagged me. Hence. And also I had nothing to do at that very moment. Hence.

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

Definitely the strangest first question in any tag I've ever seen!

For purely entertainment purposes [Yours, of course. When do I ever think about myself?] I shall pick the one thats two years old now. Oh no, three. Dont laugh too much. I was walking briskly down the street outside my home, when I heard a sound behind me. I thought it was the sound of this girl, coming out of her house. I'd been waiting to see her come out, you see. I turned my head back to look. And fool as I am, kept walking briskly. And thats when I walked into a lamppost. Everything turned, and stayed, black for five seconds.

The little brown round scar is there on my forehead even now.

2. What is on the walls in your room?

Umm..nothing great as such. A couple of pegs on which have been hanging, since eternity, Pratik's trousers, and the usual hostel issue mirror-mirror on the wall. Thats about it. Four windows.

3. What does your phone look like?

Big and bulky. Navy blue and silver.

4. What music do you listen to?

Is it just me, or does engineering college take everyone back through time? Going back, and traversing the golden age of rock currently. Top favourites include Led Zeppelin, U2, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and then just lots of assorted songs.

I survive on staples like Hotel California, All Along The Watchtower, Immigrant Song, One, Nothing Else Matters . There's lots more. But nothing comes to mind right now.

5. What is your current desktop picture?

My usual sources - Calvin & Hobbes, XKCD.

6. What do you want more than anything right now?

*the point where things hit a sombre note. lights dim, a soft mournful piano plays and nothing is heard save heavy, slow breathing and the crackle of the fireplace*

I dont know. Do you understand that?

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Sure. Why not? Whatever allows people to be happy without having to bother other people is not a problem with me.

8. What time were you born?

I'm not quite aware how that has anything to do with anything. But all the same, I think it was early morning. Hence the name.

9. Are your parents still together?


10. What are you listening to?

The guys chattering behind me. *and just for dramatic effect he adds* The sound of rumbling thunder outside which always gives the hope of rain to come. But alas, none does. The sound of lively voices outside in the hostel, the acoustic concoction of hundreds of life-patterns co-existing. The sound of the fan above, which brings my mind back to simple realities. The pitter patter of my fingers on the laptop keys I always find so receptive. The tenor of all this murmured harmony in the form of the guy who sings Euphoria songs at the top of his vocal abilities while passing down the corridor. Join me in damning him now. Damn you!!

11. Do you get scared of the dark?

Not really. Thats about the time I put on my cape [red and green with "The Magnificent One, Mr. Magnifico to his friends, Sworn Enemy #1 to enemies" emblazoned in yellow] and prance around rattling doors and scaring people.

And yeah, just like for Koyel, I'm reminded of Maiden. Come again, oh glorious 17th of March!

Ahem. I am not scared of the dark. I am only secretly terrified of dim lighting. Dont tell people.

12. The last person to make you cry?

Oh, just someone.

13. What is your favourite perfume/cologne?

For obvious reasons, I shall not name any brands here. Their sales go shooting up and they dont even acknowledge me with a lifetime's free supply. Hmph!

I use deodorant, if you're so interested.

14. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite sex?

I want dark, round, liquid eyes. Open hair, slightly curled at the ends. I like the way it frames about an oval face and carefully wraps its beautiful features. I am not particular about the colour of the hair, as long as it isnt white. Those believing they possess above characteristics plus lots of money and no one to spoil with it, pliss to contact moi asap. I might have a solution to our mutual problems.

15. Do you like painkillers?

If it hadnt been for painkillers, I could never have won Max Payne. Other than that, no experience with them. So, dont know.

16. Are you too shy to ask out someone?

No. Just suddenly unusually blabbersome. And incoherent. And very very fidgety.

17. Fave pizza topping?

All the vegetarian! Finally! We have come to more relevant questions! I'd like the one with cheese oozing out of the crust, with all the toppings layered onto it. And oregano. And ketchup. And a coke with that. And I do get the free garlic bread, dont I? Yes yes, with the jhinchak dip. Thank you. That will be all. For now.

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

*laughs lightly* Come now. Immediately after a question on my fave pizza topping? What do you think? I'd just like my order delivered fast. I'm counting the minutes.

19. Who was the last person you made mad?

Hmm...Oh ya. I went into this guy's sterilized room with sneakers on. He was...whats that awesome word?...with rage and red-faced anger.

20. Is anyone in love with you?

Err..Umm..*blushes deeply and runs out of the room*

"Ha ha!", goes the ever-present undying grandfather impersonate, twirling one end of his big white moustache whilst maintaining superior grin on face, "See? Even with influx of modern attitude-shattitude and those horrible low-waist jeans into mainstream Indian culture, our boys have not forgotten their parampara and stuff. Even now, when they're shy for no damn reason whatsoever, they blush and run off like little girls. Ha ha!"

And I would tag, if they should accede to a request such as this from a humble little nobody such as myself, the following: The Dhruv; Dr. Flaff; Alias Rimi; Whose Name Doesnt Matter and *diabolical grin* everyone who has read this and laughed even once. Tag! You're it!

PS: Ooh ooh! Apoplectic! Thats the word! The guy was apoplectic with rage and etc.


Jayashree Bhat said...

"We have come to more relevant questions!"
See? We told you that you were getting obsessed with food.

Revealed said...

Idiot :)

tusharika said...

hmm....very interesting....the blog and the author both ;)

Confused & Baffled said...

@jayashree: it does happen to be very important towards sustaining life you know. *wags supercilious finger at her*

@revealed: *deep bow*

@tusharika: *tries to wink back in the most masculine way he can*

Jayashree Bhat said...

'Supercilious finger' was a little too Wodehouse-like...

My post is up.

Smita said...

ahem. did u say u want other girls' with nice hair to contact you?! H-E-L-L-O!

kyra said...

tsk. the poor lamppost.

Jayashree Bhat said...

Write something new. Awfully bored. Could do with a few laughs.