Wednesday, May 02, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me

As one tags, so shall he be tagged back. This is the inevitable cycle. To escape, seek nirvana. Else, get jiggy with it and comply. - Ancient Chinese Proverb.

The following tag has been viciously projected at me, by the dangerously vengeful, evil criminal mastermind of our time and age. Flaff! *checks to see if the name instils fear in the heart of all readers*

Hmm...Anyway. On with it.

1. I have a thing for license plates. I immediately add up the numbers and divide that by the number of numbers. I then also get irked and am generally irritated for the rest of the day if the sum is a prime and does not sweetly divide to give a number of my liking. I do this involuntarily whenever I'm in the front seat of a car, and it absolutely amazes the otherwise weak mathematical part of my brain to see itself add and divide most accurately, even to decimal places, within the space of a few milliseconds.

It also absolutely amazes my stash of common sense, how the result unfailingly always gets me either happy and cheery or glum and snappy. Its inexplicable!

2. I am afraid of heights. I cannot even look straight down from a 2nd floor verandah. Standing at the edge of a 10 feet tall stage once scared me so much that evil people would join together to push me towards the edge every now and then, just to see me struggle against them and scurry for dear life, and whimper and all that.

When I look down, I feel that the air around me has suddenly thickened and is slowly pushing me over. My feet are being lifted up and I'm going to keel over any moment now. Thats when I yelp slightly and jump back.

3. I love it when I'm dead tired at the end of a long jog. I feel successful. I'm so happy I feel like doing another victory lap. But dead tired means there's a good chance I'll fall to my doom in the middle of it, so I dont. I love walking back after that, dripping in sweat, because then I feel the cool breeze a little more so.

4. I can now successfully play Nothing Else Matters. Not to mention Behind Blue Eyes and Wish You Were Here. Haha. All the easy ones.

5. I love, and I hate, being alone. At different times of course, else I'd be too complex for even myself. I like walking alone. I can never eat alone. I like reading and writing without anyone else around. I hate coming up with a joke, and having no one to hear it. Almost always, it doesnt sound as good later on.

6. I hate it when floors are tiled in large squares. Suddenly I feel a compulsion to step on only one tile at a time. The other foot must not fall on the same tile. A foot on a tile must be properly snugly inside it. It should not, repeat should not, touch the boundary or intrude into another tile.

No, I'm not like Jack Nicholson. My smile is very endearing and, and, and...human.

7. I'm strange with stairs. Walking up, I always take them two at a time. One at a time seems ridiculously slow.

And going down. If you graphed my velocity against displacement, you'd get a straight line of very high slope. I accelerate very rapidly as I descend.

8. I give a very nice raised eyebrow. I also possess a highly advanced condescending smile. My white lies are frequent and often undetectable under even radar. I dont immediately realize it when I crack a gem of a joke. I once killed a lion with a single stroke of my sword.


Revealed said...


It's heartening to see this proper fear and respect for me, little twerp :). I can't eat alone either. And when my license plates don't add up properly I change the numbers to make 'em *hides her head in shame*

Confused & Baffled said...

its ok! i change the numbers too! yay!

Dhruv said...

I add up license plate numbers to see if they divide by 9.. Without fail. If it fails 9, then 3. But no other number is acceptable.

As for walking "in" square tiles, do you take large steps while walking back from college, so as to step only on one slab covering the drain at a time? Or is it just me?

Confused & Baffled said...

the eternal brotherhood of man! we are all one after all! i do, i do too, take large steps so as to step on one slab at a time.

and there was a time when i used to think my license plate obsession was just silly myself. i had not a clue it was so universal a phenomenon!

smita said...

i do weirder stuff wid license plates..if my car has been in line after some particular vehicle for a considerable amount of time,i like learning up its no. I guess this has something to do with reading this detective story where the hero catches the villian as he'd accidently learnt up some random car's plate no. which turns out to be the villian's car!!my time shall come too!

Confused & Baffled said...

in a detective story eh? hmph. you have ridiculous taste in literature. thank god i've put you on the correct path.

sporadicblogger said...

Number plates? This is new. Never heard of this quirk :p
I do the square tiles too. I'm petrified of heights, but ofcourse, the bond that I am, I will never admit it to anyone :p
And I hate being alone after exams. Thats the only time, probably :) I need company to battle withdrawal symptoms :)

Jayashree Bhat said...

hey, I do that too. Gives me a great thrill to do that.
I hate walking on the line that joins two slabs. God, I thought it was just me!

Dhruv said...

Don't listen to a word he says.. Most often fills you up with utter bull-crap.. Go your own way...

Sherlock Holmes rocks! Sidney Sheldon Rocks.. The Three Investigators Rocks! Hell, even Five Find-Outers rocks!

Lawyer On Behalf of C&B said...

the author of this blog would like to remind you that sustainable damage is caused to his lively, wonderful, pretty little ego-incarnate upon the occurrence of undesirable and anarchistic parallel conversations within the realm of the comment box.

@dhruv: shush pea-brain. perhaps they do rock. (and we know you like sheldon only for i dream of jeannie)

but active revolutionary antics such as these, will not be tolerated. a retraction and profuse apology is demanded.

kyra said...

good god.

Dhruv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dhruv said...

@Lawyer On Behalf of C&B
Your demand is denied. Feck off!

Ginger Girl said...

Thank godd...

I suffer acutely from point six.

And all of them have laughed on me.
I thought I was alone.

Now I know I am not.


Scribbler said...

This is hilarious! Especially the math thing with number plates. I do that to, but I try to find a relationship between all the numbers etc.