Friday, May 18, 2007

To Live Is To Die?

Well, we're supposed to be selfish na? And its wrong to be concerned only with yourself? Its self-centred, self-obsessed and all that. Its wrong to only care for your own welfare. Only caring for our own happiness.

But still I dont see the happiness around. Neither in the self-obsessed nor in the selfless.

We cling to unhappiness, dont we? Sadness, misery, morbidity, all that - it has a certain charm to it. Its glorified around us.

What, after all, is happiness? Its so bland. Its There's no depth, no drama, no mystery and no wonder in it. Its just happens, and then goes away. While it lasts, it feels superficial.

Depression, on the other hand, gives us more character, more of a masochistic glory. We're on a cross, but we fight through. We're in a hole, but we try to climb back up. We have a look of deep pain and old scars etched on our faces, and its coined experience. Its life. We yearn for it.

We can love our misery. We can come to terms with it. Without it, what have we lived? We dislike happiness. We hate its guts. Its got no right to be there. So useless. So narrow, so dull, and so pathetic. Happiness has nothing to offer us. No martyrdom. We all like a good martyr.

The world has become complicated and dangerous. There are so many hazardous and life-threatening things all around us - chemical weapons, nuclear missiles, Osama bin Laden, extra cheese extra large french fries - that it's very easy to forget the small things that matter.

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anju christine said...

that's almost lik a post on ur blog... :)

happiness..... i have so much to say bout dat lil thin... i once told some1 dat happiness is wen i smile... i dn care bout al d misery in around wen im smilin..n dats wat really matters..dat one tiny moment! n one cannot b happy if dey don wanna b happy............ i still stick by wat i once said..reasons to smile r al around, v jus need to let it touch us