Monday, March 03, 2008

Picchur Ka Climax

He dropped his shield. It would weigh him down. He took off his helmet. It blocked his view. It wasn't any fear he felt. Only a heightened sensitivity of things around him. He was a Spartan, so it was alright for him to feel this way.

But this isn't how its supposed to work in real life, you know. Which is why I'm nervous slightly.

I'm nervous slightly that I'm not at all nervous in any way. The sessionals are upon us. And here I sit, unscathed and unaffected, two hours prior, not even feeling the slightest inclination to do some last minute revision.

I dont know yet, but I'll tell you what this means in the grand scheme of things - whether I'm a hero too, or just uncomfortably numb.


Rimi said...

You're guiltily numb. If you tell your parents they shall probably tell you to get off your, er, bottom and work at academics, but if you ask another seasoned pro -- that is, me -- I shall tell you that we were never meant to convert guilt to industriousness.

So sit back and be prepared to feel discomfited. It's the way of all students of the fold.

Confused & Baffled said...

we were never meant to convert guilt to industriousness.

lovely! i shall use this.