Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Silent Night

Alone and tired, I sat down on the cold terrace floor, and looked up at my night sky. It was brighter, and sharper, than it had ever been before. The stars shone as clear, distinct pinpoints of light; shapes and figures abounded on the black canvas.

It was a hunt I saw. A chase. The hunter was after his prey, his back arched to steady his aim, an arrow nocked in his mighty bow and poised to release. The prey? I couldnt see the prey. It must be too far off. And the other stories distracted me.

There were shapes, changing form with every second glance. A turtle, small in a corner. A gigantic eagle, frozen mid-flight, streaking across the sky. The signs of the zodiac; I dont know how I knew them. But I knew each one.

I saw the one I wanted to see. The Aquarius. It sparkled in its complex arrangement, standing up on end. At once it seemed, the stars had taken their positions. The ones irrelevant dimmed to the background. Probably they moved into shadows or were taken offstage. The ones who mattered, the dancers, the actors, the cast, took the spotlights. I saw nothing else now.

I sat there, closer to the sky than I'd ever been, seeing the one tale unfold, admiring the one portrait on the largest blank frame. It didnt matter if I looked away or if I rubbed my eyes. The sky had frozen. There was only the one story on it now.

I have to tell him.


I have to tell him now. The waves will wash everything away. He must see it too.

I tried to get up in time. The wind had grown stronger. I held on to a pole, to support myself. And the waves struck. Suddenly, I was in turbulent, raging waters, holding on for my life. It wouldnt kill me, I knew. But it would wash away the sky. That too, somehow, I knew.

The waves passed me, their work done. I was on the floor again, looking up at the sky. My clothes were drenched, my hair wet and slick against my scalp. The sky was black and blank. It gave away nothing. The stories had been wiped clean.

I continued to sit alone, on the terrace of an unknown skyscraper, in an unknown city, wearing unknown clothes, for unknown reasons.

A cold wind blew against my face.


surjodeb said...

Dude, all tho scientific precision(in this case astronomic) is the last thing people consider while reading blogs and/or writing poetry.-n even tho i hate to be the bearer of bad news.-the fact still remains that Aquarius is a very very dim & obscure constellation that is ordinarily difficult to identify unless u navigate to it usin other constellations.Not jus that, but the fact that with the sky configuration as it stands rt now, u can only see Aquarius either early in the morning(b4 sunrise), or early in the evening(jus at after sunset), very very low in the horizon. n furthermore, considerin the brightness of the stars (n also the number of bright stars) in Aquarius i somehow find it very very difficult to believe u ACTUALLY saw Aquarius.

N, even after examining the scientific logic presented (n if u want, a few maps too: [ , ], if u still think that u saw what u thought u did, consider urself very very LUCKY.

Confused & Baffled said...

well, scientific evidence always suggests a very very low probability of waves striking you when you're atop a skyscraper.

i like the links, thanks. the post is an exact reproduction of a rare dream i had. and has no basis in reality.

it probably wasnt even aquarius in the dream. but i thought it was so, while i was in it. hence.

Farcenal said...

I'd like to know what you were tripping on when this happened...?

It's very well written though. I can never see the stars too clearly in the city; going out into the country and sleeping out somewhere is quite brilliant.

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