Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Do Your Bit For Nishant - Special Limited Offer! Grab Grab!!

Chatting with someone brought me to this.

You know how you go to a restaurant with hakka noodles or chopsuey on your mind, and you end up also ordering naans, paneer, and then even Italian and all? Uff..Dont get trivial with me now. Of course I mean when you're out in a group. I, despite commendable masticulating powers and Duo Core 73Ghz Intel Stomadium configured super-stomach, cannot vanquish 3 world-class cuisines on my own. Nor can my friends, and they're quite capable people mind you. You're not expected to either. Now shush with your pedantry.

I asked you a question above. You know how...? You do na? Well, it was like that.

We started off discussing sufficiently normal topics - the bleak future of the solar system when one cannot trust one's fellow man's cobbling word (about how your newly mended shoes will last through the semester, and then they suddenly betray you after a couple of days), ornithology, fishing, student-research into the myriad side-effects of the food at the hostel mess, and etc. But as they do usually tend to, one thing led to another and he said something stupid and silly and I, chortling with delight and unmasked joy at his misery, arbritrarily recited that old favourite adage (poem/teaser/rhyme/that-thing-we-used-to-say) of our younger days:

Shame shame, puppy shame
All the doggies know your name...

Stop. Thats all I managed. This now is your assignment, should you choose to accept. I want the solution as soon as possible! I won't have a good night's sleep until I know! What are the succeeding lines after know your name? I know there are more. But what are they???

We racked our brains for quite a while. Couldn't figure it out. Kindly dial your nearest toddler or little nephew or do something else, and solve this for me!

Free goodwill blessings and all the loose change from my wallet* to whoever brings me the correct answer.

Now. Go!

* Conditions Apply.


Dhruv said...

Actually, the most popular variant is
"all the donkeys know your name"

and I really doubt there's a widely accepted continuation to that bit.

Revealed said...

we used to say all the monkeys know you name :D.
But sadly dont remember the rest either!!!

Zee said...

i didn't even know there's a line after shame shame puppy shame

Rimi said...

The version *I* knew went 'All the monkeys know your names'. More accurate, no? :D

You fret pointlessly, dear child. There are no lines after those. If they did we'd have known. We don't, therefore there aren't.

Rimi said...

Also, I have added you to my blogroll. You're too hilarious not to be kept track of.

Anushka said...

we just kept singing shame shame puppy shame... no doggies or monkeys or donkeys ever came into the picture... all these things usually varied from school to school n region to region... now when i look back to those kiddie rhymes and games, i keep comin across several versions from different people... there... thats d best i can do for goodwill blessings n loose change