Friday, January 05, 2007

Went To Nicco Park!

The entry wasnt all that exciting though. It costs Rs.230 (!?!) to buy a ticket for entry and all rides. I spent the first five minutes at the spot ranting about the price to my similarly outraged, yet bloody less vocal, friends. An accompanying chorus can be so soothing, but do they understand?

Nicco Park. It hasnt changed all that much you know. We went on the Tilt-A-Whirl, which tilted us and whirled us around quite adequately to everyone's satisfaction. Cheers to the Cyclone, which was simply amazing. We went twice! Despite an offensively long queue of ruffians trying to use their repulsive demeanour to cut across our line. We held strong though.

The only notable disappointment was the Flying Saucer. I went for it reminiscing of the time when I last went on it as a little child, and had afterwards promptly fallen on the grass outside, vowing to never go on it ever again. This time on, I found it lame and slow and boring. Utsav and I spent the duration of the ride discussing how the mechanical equipment beneath us worked to maneouvre the saucer. We figured it out. Small mercy though.

This was followed by Striking Cars (fun as always) and a short time spent on unexpectedly rewarding birdwatching. As we walked out, beautiful fireworks were released into the sky behind us. All very flattering. There was no need really. But thanks all the same.


Dhruv said...

Ya think they were celebrating your departure?

Well, after all, I'm sure Indians burst firecrackers when the English left.... well, those that didn't leave with them..

Simran said...

lolz...nice...u cud have gone into more detail abt ur "birdwatchin" endaveours...bow legs...perky feet...etc:P

kyra said...

I was always scared of the Flying Saucer..never went on it. I remember the first time i went to Nicco Park, the entry was just 25 bucks but then you had to pay for the rides separately.
and i can never forget the time when a snake fell from one of those trees around the cafeteria enclosure...some 6 feet in front of me!!! it was darkish so it took me a minute to realize what the thing wriggling on the ground was, and then of course, i just ran for my life in the opposite direction.

tpraja said...

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Confused & Baffled said...

@dhruv: oh shush.

@simran: the tragedy was that most seemed to be nested in.

@kyra: poor girl! the flying saucer, once we grow up, ceases to be a force. trust me on that.

as for things dropping out of bushes and trees, its going to be only couples now. nicco park is the new central park [insider kolkatan joke].

Confused & Baffled said...

@tpraja: *sharp intake of breath* wat really??? now my life is complete.