Monday, January 15, 2007

Home Away From Home

You think you're leaving home, and the thought is depressing. You think you're going away again to that strange land, of unknown language and staring locals, and the thought puts you down.

But when the bus stops, and you step out in that cool breeze and blazing sun, the gravel feels like home. The pollution-free wind, clear sky and silent morning air feels puts you at peace.

I walked up my hostel stairway. As I reached my floor, turned towards the room I shared with two other room-mates, as I walked along the corridor, even as I entered the room, I did so waiting for that feeling of xenophobia and homesickness to return. But the moment I walked in through the door, and later when I sat down on my bed, I began to realize it wouldnt come.

This is home too.

PS: Went for dinner to Saiba's (one of the posh restaurants here) upon invitation from a friend's parents who had come to drop him off. We reached the restaurant just in time to catch Shinny Ahuja attempting a dance thing and majorly embarrassing himself in front of the audience, at the Star Screen Awards. The guy cannot dance! Good actor though. Why need he do this? Tsk tsk.

Also learned that Manipal Academy Of Higher Education has risen from Deemed University to full University status. Henceforth, to be called Manipal University. We like to call it ManU. Hee hee! I study at ManU! Get it?


Jayashree Bhat said...

Welcome back! ManU- too good, man...

Dhruv said...

Aww, that was awfully nice.

But if I were you, I'd finish this entry at this is home too and put what follows in a second post.

Can't say I feel exactly the same. I like my bed at home far more. And the first time I sat down on my bed, I only saw all the luggage before me that I had to unpack and wailed.

Revealed said...

Heh. Two homes = two places to miss instead of one :D

kyra said...

ah. nice post