Thursday, January 24, 2008

Conversations With Myself

I think I need a haircut. Do you think I need a haircut? I should get a haircut sometime now. Sometime soon. Its been quite a while. Hasn't it? Yes it has. Its been over 3 weeks. Though, I must say, my hair must be growing back slower than usual. I distinctly remember a time when I'd need a cut every 2 weeks to avoid resembling a castaway of years and years. Anyway, I think I should get a haircut now. Its growing from behind, even though I cant see that very well. And it doesnt quite do what I want it to anymore. Getting slightly unruly. An iron hand is needed na? Say something. Should I? Should I clip it and cut it down to size? I should I should. Pretty much about time. Remember when they showered compliments on me so? Lets go back to that. No? Bit later? Maybe tomorrow then? A couple of days later? Fine. Fine fine. Later also cool. Later it is.

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