Friday, June 01, 2007

I Was Wondering Why I Do This. So...

Ho hum...We havent gotten together in a bit you know. Been busy with fleeting life and escaping goals. Its nice we met today. We can take a breather. So...lets talk. Whats up? How's your life? What do you like to do? Tell me your stories, tell me your dreams (the nice ones), tell me of your adventures and your escapades. Describe, with great enthusiam and greater beauty, what you had at yesterday's lunch. Elaborate on your theories about UFO sightings and why the US gets all the fun in it. Speak of your shoes and ships and sealing wax, and tell me what you were doing at the mall last week. Look at your own land, through another's eyes. Think back, and recall that poetry of lost childhood. What did you last do, to outrage the public and have your loved ones shrink back in horror? When did you last explore yourself, and find sensational truths? So you went to Rome and you toured Vegas. When did you last see a sunrise? Went somewhere, suddenly and impulsively? When did you last plan to kill someone innocent and pure *the comment section*? Lets talk about that stuff.

Come. Let us talk frivolous. For we see around us, and we see the men walk grim-faced to work. They speak of share-prices, they speak of government policies, and they talk of things alien to me. We see the women forever tensed by life's incidents. They speak of relationships, and they speak of troubles unceasing. We see the children, locked in animated virtual combat, a look of utmost concentration in their eyes, their facial muscles drawn out taut and their jaws set firmly. They dont speak to us anymore. Not of childish things.

There is enough depression, there is enough crying. There are enough people dying, and enough wanting to. There is enough greed, and there is enough corruption. There is enough complexity and more than enough of it unnecessary. Lets skip it. There is enough of it all, without us having to discuss it too.

Lets sit over a drink. Pick yours. Yes, its okay if its just a juice. I think I'll have a fresh lime myself. And lets rest back in our cosy couches. And let us muse. Let us ponder, but not too deeply. Think, but not too hard. Enquire, but only so that we can move on without an answer. Let us speak of anything. Thats a difficult topic. Let us speak of anything, that does not matter. Anything that wont change anything. Anything that wont effect a million lives, or a million bank-balances. As we relax our muscles, and unwind our mind, let us think of these little things.

We dont usually see those little things. We dont usually take care to note their existence. They will but come and go and come and go, endlessly. So lets talk about that right now. Lets order another round of drinks. Adventurous this time? Aaah...I think, I'll go for a cranberry juice! I've always disliked it.

So, you were saying. The point of it all? For we must step out soon enough. And then we blend in with the rest. We struggle the same, and we fight the same every day. Perhaps these little moments of colour we observe now, will stay in our memories. And we can come back to them every now and then.

But enough for now. See you later, whenever you're in the mood.


Dhruv said...

Tsk! There are times when you don't even endeavour to camouflage your superficiality.

kyra said...

i somehow find this pop-up comment box really irritating. only on your blog though.